Without a doubt, both modern educators and students have their arsenal of helpful tools that help them cope with daily educational tasks in a much easier way. It does not matter if you turn to time trackers apps or those solutions that help control your sleep, these are always worth trying as they may seriously improve your workflow. Take your time to study the options as even those boring assignments can feel more exciting when you implement some technology.

Useful Digital Tools For Educator And Students

The digital tools that you have at your disposal can be very useful for both teachers and students. Students can use the calculators, rulers, and pens to help them with their school work. They can also use these same tools to practice their multiplication tables. Teachers will find that they are able to spend less time on their work and more time with their students practicing what they learn. The following are five useful digital tools that can be used by teachers to make their lessons more interesting.

The graphing calculator is one of the most important digital tools that students need to use when it comes to learning about math. A student can type in an equation and get the results immediately from the calculator. This tool will help students solve equations quickly and accurately. By using a graphing calculator students can learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide anything they see in their mathematics textbook. When they understand a concept through this easy to use tool, they are more likely to retain it longer.

A digital photo frame is another tool that many teachers will want to purchase for their classroom. Digital photo frames allow students to take a picture with their cell phone camera and then display that picture on the digital screen of the frame. This is a great way to help students visually comprehend a concept without struggling to understand it in the real world. When students can see the visual representation of what they are learning in their textbook, they are more likely to retain it.

A math tutor may also need to purchase some interesting items for their classroom. The calculator can be purchased separately. Students can type in an equation and receive an answer instantly. Students can also connect the calculator to their computer and create their own work sheets. Teachers can also purchase colorful paper and stickers that can be attached to walls. These will make the classroom much more fun and students will enjoy participating in the lesson.

A digital whiteboard can provide many benefits to teachers. Students can write on the board and erase unwanted writings when necessary. Teachers can highlight key points and provide students with many interactive options. The use of a digital whiteboard has been found to improve the concentration and focus of students. Many studies have found that use of these tools have increased homework completed by students by almost fifty percent.

The use of digital scrapbooks is beneficial to many adults. These can be customized with photographs of family members and special events. Creating these scrapbooks can provide a means of closure for students. When a family member passes away, creating a scrapbook with pictures from their life will enable students to remember the person as well as the important things about their life. These types of handy, useful digital tools can be very beneficial for students in a variety of different circumstances. They can be used during school as well as college.

Students that are working on completing an internship may use a photo manipulation tool to retouch photographs that they have taken. This can give them a professional look without using any special software. Other students may use these tools to create collages or to trace specific events in a person’s life. Using a pattern tool, or a digital pen, students can trace a family tree or research a historical event.

With the advent of the internet, finding and downloading useful digital tools have become much easier. Many websites provide a wide selection of these programs and services. Students should check their local library for books on digital technology. Many colleges offer courses on computer and information technology. Teaching students about digital technology can enhance their knowledge and give them valuable skills that they can carry with them after their career as adults.

9 Useful DIgital Tools Worth Checking

1. Bit.ai

This collaboration platform is great for taking notes for assignments and other classroom activities right away. It fits both students and teachers as it is interactive, accessible, and allows full customization. It has guest access and document tracking. However, if you need even more academic collaboration, check TopWritersReview to see what kind of help you may consider when you have too many tasks on your plate. By doing so, you will always do much better!

2. Prezi

You might have already heard about it if you had to create innovative presentations for your college assignments. While it is simpler than the PowerPoint approach, it is also more interactive and easier to use for those quick tasks. Just make sure that you also implement the best grammar check tools in 2021 to ensure that you have everything correct. It will help you to avoid spelling, grammar, and style mistakes as you write.

3. Explain Everything

This app is like an interactive whiteboard that helps students to collaborate and explain things that are unclear. It is the best solution for various group projects and activities. If something still remains unclear for you and you are confused about your grading rubric, think about checking Rated by Students to read about various academic help services that might provide you an affordable and timely solution.

4. HelloTalk

Do not ignore this free app that helps you to learn over 130 different languages by collaborating with native speakers from all over the world. You learn by using text, audio, or video as you teach each other. Unlike any textbook, it helps you to dive into the foreign culture as well.

5. Edmodo

It is an educational network platform that students, teachers, and parents can join right away. It has a digital classroom environment but works exactly like social media. It lets you create digital social spaces and cooperate by using audio, video, presentations, and text privately by email or SMS invitation. A great solution during pandemic times.

6. Dewo

It uses machine learning to analyze what apps or websites take your attention away. It controls and collects your email and social media alerts safe as you study or work. Just like in a game, you earn various awards when you are done.

7. Relax Melodies

This great digital tool app is designed specifically to help you relax and have some rest. It is free for both Android and iOS users. You can choose relaxing melodies and have AI assistant pick melodies based on your taste and recommendations. It will also make the volume lower as time passes and you fall asleep.

8. Evernote

This popular handy planning app cannot be ignored as it still remains one of the best and customizable study planners for students.

9. 1Checker

Amazing grammar checking tool for newbie English speakers. Available as a plugin for MS Word and all platforms, it is a great free alternative to Grammarly that will improve your writing and English commands issues.

Always Consider Security Matters

Always Consider Security Matters

Remember to use only reputable sources as you approach any digital tools or install various helpful apps. Read online reviews, talk to your friends, read about add-ons, and study the features. You should always be cautious and make sure that you store any personal data only when you are absolutely sure about how some solution works. Most importantly, remember that digital tools are meant to help you and make things easier, not the other way around!


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