Federal Way, King County, Washington is the 9th-largest municipality in Washington. Federal Way, which has a population close to 90,000. According to the 2021 census, Federal Way also houses the Wild Waves Theme Park. It is located near Puget Sound, Tacoma, and Puget Sound. According to statistics maintained by the Washington State Patrol, Federal Way may appear to be safe for motorists – of King County’s 42,125 traffic collisions in 2015, only about 2,300 occurred in Federal Way; however, some of these approximately 2,300 collisions resulted in serious injuries to one or more individuals involved. This means that while drivers in Federal Way may not be as likely as drivers in Seattle to be injured in a motor vehicle crash, Federal Way motorists must be prepared to take action in the event they find themselves injured in a Federal Way car wreck.

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Khan Law Firm, PLLC in Washington is here to help injured motorists in Federal Way. Khan Law Firm, PLLC can help you get compensation for your losses and injuries quickly and efficiently by providing experienced legal representation.

What Causes Federal Way Car Wrecks

Although motor vehicle collisions are often called “accidents” by many, many car accidents can be prevented if one or more drivers exercised greater care while driving. Many car collisions result from the reckless or careless actions of drivers, such as:

Texting and driving while texting, using a phone while driving or engaging in any other behavior or action that causes the driver’s attention or eyes to wander from the task at hand, such as driving safely.

Drinking alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs and/or over-the counter medications before driving can render the driver unable to safely drive.
Neglecting or disregarding traffic signals, traffic control signs or other rules of the road (intentionally or not) by speeding, failing yield the right-of-way, or engaging other similar acts of offense driving.

Failure to keep one’s vehicle in a reasonable safe condition.

A car accident can also be caused by a vehicle defect. A driver who drives a vehicle with a defect may not realize it until it is too late. It doesn’t matter if the crash was caused by reckless behavior or miscalculation. One thing is certain: If the responsible party had exercised greater caution and care, the accident could have been avoided and the injuries that resulted.

Federal Way car accidents victims will experience financial loss and expenses. These expenses and losses can include:

  • The cost of future and past medical expenses as well as the cost for therapeutic services.
  • Prescription drugs and medical aidive devices
  • Past wages lost and future wages expected to be lost;
  • Earning potential lost
  • Property damage
  • Mental pain, suffering, embarrassment and loss of enjoyment of your life are all examples of mental pain.

These are the expenses and losses an at-fault person in a car accident might be required to pay. The court will not enter such an order unless the plaintiff, or injured party, presents evidence and testimony to prove that:

  • The plaintiff was owed a duty by the defendant (the allegedly at fault party) that required him to act in a reasonable, careful manner. The duty of care almost always exists.
  • The defendant violated the duty to care by acting in ways that a reasonable person would not have done when faced with the same circumstances and circumstances.
  • Plaintiff’s injuries were primarily caused by the defendant’s breaching of his duty of care.
  • A monetary damages award can be used to compensate the plaintiff for his injuries.

The plaintiff must not only prove that the defendant caused the plaintiff’s injuries but must also quantify the damages he or she sustained and translate this into dollars. Some damages can be expressed in dollars, but a medical bill provides objective evidence of the cost of certain treatments. Other losses, such as pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of one’s life, are harder to quantify.

An experienced and knowledgeable attorney such as a member the Federal Way recovery team from the Khan Law Firm, PLLC can ensure that your damages are accurately quantified and supported so you have the best chance of recovering fair and full compensation for your losses and injuries.

Car accidents are unfortunately a common fact of life in Federal Way, WA. When traveling through a small town, motorists can often see multiple wrecks virtually any time of the year. There are several common causes for car accidents, which include bad road design and negligent driving. However, most accidents occur due to reckless and negligent drivers acting in reckless ways.

Faulty auto insurance policies are the number one cause of these types of accidents. Because most drivers simply assume that their insurance will cover any accidents or damage that may occur, they do not obtain coverage for financial damages. When an individual is in an accident, they must contact Federal Way car accident lawyers to obtain compensation. Without good legal advice, drivers may not be compensated for the true cost of the damages that they have sustained.

Drivers can hire attorneys to represent them in court and seek compensation for their injuries or lost wages following an accident. This service is often needed immediately following an accident, because insurance companies do not compensate immediately following a car accident. Insurance companies take a long time to investigate and evaluate the extent of the claim. It can take weeks, months or even years before they make a determination regarding the validity of a claim. When this occurs, the result is typically unsatisfactory, and drivers are unable to obtain the compensation that they seek for injuries sustained.

It is extremely important to contact attorneys immediately following an accident so that they can obtain the compensation that they are owed. The sooner that an injured driver contacts legal representation, the better. It is common for insurance companies to deny payments to drivers involved in car accidents that occur within a few miles of the company’s headquarters. Because these types of negligent lawsuits occur very quickly, it is important to contact experienced federal way car accident lawyers as soon as possible to prevent any further complications with the insurance company.

The majority of cases that result in compensation do not involve serious or deadly car accidents. These types of injuries usually do not leave any permanent damage, but sometimes can render a person unable to work for a short period of time or result in temporary disability. In order for an injured driver to receive full compensation from an insurance provider, they must prove that the company in question failed to provide adequate compensation for their injuries.

There are many factors that play into an insurance provider refusing to pay out. In many cases, a driver will only receive payment if the insurance company is successful in proving that they are at fault for the crash. If no one else was driving when the accident took place, or if no one else can reasonably be blamed for the accident, the case is likely to be rejected by an insurance provider.

A great deal of compensation goes unclaimed every year because most people simply aren’t aware that they are entitled to it. This can include compensation for pain and suffering, loss of income, future care costs, and more. An experienced federal way car accident lawyer knows all the secrets to convincing an insurance provider to pay out compensation. If you have been involved in a crash that isn’t your fault, there is a good chance you won’t receive the lump sum payment you’re entitled to. Insurance companies don’t like paying out money for things that aren’t their fault. If you are in a situation where you think you have a case, you need to consult with a professional who has experience winning compensation for car crashes.

You may not think you deserve compensation after being in a crash, but you can get it. When you are involved in car accidents and suffer injuries, contact an experienced lawyer immediately. They will help you determine if you qualify for financial assistance and what your obligations are. No one deserves to suffer without having the resources available to pay for their damages.