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download-the-handmaid’s-tale-pdf The Handmaid’s Tale is an amazing book written by Margaret Atwood. Based off of the best selling novel by Margaret Atwood, the series is set in Gilead, an increasingly oppressive society in what once was part of the US. Gilead is controlled by a strict fundamentalist regime which treats women like property of the state and is confronted with an unprecedented decline in the birth rate and environmental disaster. In an effort to repopulate a devastated world, the last few fertile women are compelled into sexual slavery. One of these unfortunate women, Offred, is committed to preserving the world for the children she has borne, but is also desperately want to escape the life she lives in. Her determination not only to survive but also to have children leaves her with a number of obstacles in her path and the help of an extraordinary handmaid, Gilead.

The main character, Offred is based on the real life events that took place at the time when the novel was actually written. She was married in the beginning of the novel and appears to be rather unhappy and rebellious. Her marriage, though arranged by her family, didn’t take off as planned and she was soon seen as being greedy and controlling. This left her no choice but to leave to find a better husband and return to her beloved father.

As the book progresses, we learn more about the way the society views the handmaids. At the beginning, it was merely tradition to have a maid or two around the house. But slowly and over the years, the society has decided that it is OK to have one as part of the family. The Handmaid’s Tale shows the true nature of what these women are capable of doing and what they can do for the society as a whole. They are considered to be capable of doing the same things that are done by the maids in the home and society does not judge them differently. They are equal in all aspects, which includes the fact that they are also allowed to have their own opinions.

Gilead helps Offred understand that even if the society has decided that it is OK for the women to have their own opinions, they will be sidelined and treated as second-class citizens. They will not be considered important nor will they be able to rise to positions of power in the society. Offred is also shocked when she discovers that her father’s mistress is actually the handmaid that he has chosen for the job. This in turn leaves her feeling suspicious and wondering how she was supposed to serve such a woman.

Throughout the story, we also learn about the different characters. There is Crab Cake who is very loyal to his wife, but when he realizes that there is another woman in his life, he goes crazy. Then there is Miss Pauling, who is a brilliant but rather clumsy writer. There is also Mrs. Robinson, who is the strict and very rigid mother who tries to protect her daughter from everything. There is also Linus who is the caring father who loves his daughter very much. The relationship that exists between them is a constant struggle between love and duty.

There is also an ancient history that is explored in the book. We get to know more about the civil war that occurred during that time period. It shows us how divided the country was and how people fought each other based on their gender and class. In the end the reader learns that although the Handmaid’s Tale is fiction, it is still relevant and needed today. As with any story, it also teaches the reader to have respect for others and their opinions.