• About this item Money soap | Money bar soap
    • SCENT The scent of our Rainbow Magic Cash Bath Bomb is truly a captivatingly fun scent! It’s the wonderful floral scent of gardenia , honeysuckle, with a hint of cherries from the black variety!
    • PRIZE: CASH IN EVERY BATH BOMB. There is a chance to win between $2 and $2500 Inside. You will be guaranteed to win a Rare $2 Bill. You also stand a an opportunity of winning more!
    • Fun Bath Bombs that are exciting and fun! We offer color therapy as well as aromatherapy to enhance your bath time.
    • COLLECTIBLE: Find a rare collectible worth $2 per bath bomb.
    • It is brought to you by Again Products
money soap

Earn FREE STOREFROST money with the MOST POPULAR MOMENTALIZE SOAP product of the decade. Green while you SOAP. The MONEY SOap is an ideal gift for children of all ages! Each bar of delectable brown soap features either a $5, $ 10, or a $100 bill and comes in unisex gift friendly packaging! With just the touch of your fingertips this award winning product leaves children feeling clean, refreshed and with money in their hands!

Adults enjoy the opportunity to earn money by simply purchasing MONEY SPAGHETTI bars which can be taken anywhere. Just slip the money bar into your wallet and off you go. When you come to for your next pay check, the money soap will have made its way to your bank account. Mikes soap has earned the title of the worlds number one favorite holiday bar as voted by consumers in a recent consumer test. Each holiday bar includes a holiday themed symbol which symbolizes the spirit of the holiday.

For the holidays consumers are also able to purchase Mikes Supermarket Hot Dog Carton. Each quarter ounce bar of this delicious flavored hot dog carton has a holiday themed symbol on it. The “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” are two popular symbols which signify the start of the holiday season. When you purchase a Mikes Supermarket Hot Dog Carton you will receive not only a delicious flavored beverage, but will receive real cash too! Each of these bars contains real cash inside and it is included in the price!

Children love receiving Mikes Supermarket Gift Basket. This is a special gift basket that has been designed just for children. Each basket contains a different candy and has a place card inside for parents to put their child’s name on. This type of soap contains real money inside and consumers can purchase money soap for their children anytime. When purchasing money soap for your children, be sure that the money is a preset amount.

If you wish to receive a bigger discount when shopping at Mikes Supermarket you may wish to look for their “50 Dollar Bill Beverage Case”. This case is designed with a snowman on it and when you purchase this particular case you will receive a free drink along with it. The theme of the case is based around the popular animated kids series “The Flintstone Christmas Show”. There are several different drawers that can hold different types of beverages, such as a bottle of Dr Pepper or a bottle of Milk.

There are also several different kinds of money soap to choose from. Some of the different brands include: Money, Magic Bill, Nickelodeon, Camping, and American Idol. There is even a “cash” bar that will allow kids to add a little extra cash to their holiday gift. Each different brand of “cash soap” has its own unique theme and this year there are a lot of “nickelodeon” products that will be available.

One thing that parents and kids agree on is that Mikes Supermarket sells great deals on popular brands. There are various ways that kids can receive discounts when purchasing Mikes Supermarket gift certificates. For instance, one popular coupon can give a person $5 off of any kind of product that they purchase. Another coupon offers a person fifty cents off of practically anything that they buy. For example, a twenty-dollar bill will give a person fifty cents off of just about anything. The only limit to these coupons is that they are valid on merchandise that is purchased in the Mikes Supermarket store.

At this time of year when people begin searching for the perfect present for their loved ones Mikes Supermarket is one of the first places that people turn to. When shopping at “the big M” you are guaranteed to find many different kinds of soap that will fit any budget. With so many different varieties and styles of money soap available it should not be hard finding something that is perfect for your loved one’s Christmas list. Every family should have a money soap for Christmas. No matter how much you spend on your family you are sure to find something that they will love.