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Maariyadhu Nenjam By Muthulakshmi Raghavan

Maariyadhu Nenjam is a fictional epic poem written by South African author Muthulakshmi Raghavan. It was first published in 2021 and won the Man Booker Prize for Non-Fiction. I recommend reading it after at least completing the Song of Solomon. It is set in post-colonial township of Maariyadhu and involves the lives of a middle-class white girl and indigenous tribal man. The setting is beautifully depicted, as are the people, both of whom possess complex social structures based on caste, tribe, gender and class.

Maariyadhu is an orphaned woman who belongs to the Lakota tribe of South Africa. She is a skilled healer but lacks the courage to ask for help from the black population when she encounters trouble. When her sick brother finds out about his dying and death, Maariyadhu thanks him for his understanding, but expresses her desire to find her own way home. Her sick brother then sends her on a mission to fetch a medicine called Makolo.

This medicine will save her life and also cure her of certain internal injuries that will leave her paralyzed. Makolo is a concoction made from the herbal ingredients of the Five Elements (earth, wind, fire, water and metal). However, Makolo cannot be found in the community and she is forced to walk for miles without the medicine. This makes Maariyadhu fall in love with another female indigenous, played by the title character.

The relationship between Maariyadhu and her new love begins to deteriorate when she refuses to give up her dream to return home to her community and marry Makolo. The story is told from Maariyadhu’s perspective. Although she tries throughout the novel to resist the pressure from her new lover, the reader soon realizes that Maariyadhu is willing to sacrifice herself for her dream. This causes resentment among her people, but also leads to a celebration of her bravery. However, this causes tension between Maariyadhu and her people because they feel they are losing their freedom.

This romantic tale has a moral as well as an optimistic message: that love and commitment can be achieved even in difficult circumstances. It is important to remember however that the theme of love and commitment does not just apply to one relationship or one person. Anyone who has ever been in a troubled relationship can relate to what Maariyadhu has to go through in her final days.

Maariyadhu Nenjam’s death is a turning point in the novel. Although Makolo tries to reason with her, Maariyadhu does not. She leaves Makolo to live on her own while threatening to report him to his employers if he does not get back to her. This forces him to reconsider his plans to run away from home and marry her.

Thematically, the novel takes place in Kenya where many of the characters live. There are so many subplots, each offering different insights into the lives of the various characters. This includes conversations between Maariyadhu, Makolo and others as well as private messages and letters.

The story is told through Maariyadhu’s life at the beginning, as she is growing up in Mombasa and later on as she is working in Nairobi. The style of writing allows the author to weave a continuous story without having to repeatedly write about one event after another. Theatrhythmically, the story alternates between flashbacks to her early life and the present day. This adds to the confusion and boredom that she eventually faces as she deals with both. Theatrhythmically as well, the reader realizes that Maariyadhu has a lot more in common with her peers than with Makolo since they both end up running away from home.

Book Details:

  • Book Name: Maariyadhu Nenjam
  • Author: Muthulakshmi Raghavan
  • Genre: Novels, Romance
  • Publisher: Lakshmi Balaji Pathippagam
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Total pages: 38
  • PDF Size: 3 Mb