• Nail Shaper 5 Interchangeable Heads Electric Nail Files Kit For Shaping, Grinding, Will Meet All Your Needs For Grinding And Polishing Your Toes And Finger Nails, Removing Gel Nail Polish. Meet Personal DIY Manicure Pedicure Needs As A Nail Salon, Fit For Both Acrylic Nails And Natural Nails.
  • With Smart Led Light Easy To Focus On Your Fingernails Or Toenails During Making Nail Art, And It Will Turn Brighter Or Dimmer According To The Chosen Speed Option For Highlight View, Can See All The Small Corners Clearly, Make Your Nails More Perfect And Delicate.
  • 4 Working Modes Very Low Noise But Strong Powerful Nail Drill Machine. Dual Speed Options Crossing 2 Directions Of Rotation Feature 4 Working Modes For The Right-Handed Or The Left-Handed. Strong Motor, Powerful And Quiet When Working.
  • Portable Design Cordless Compact Body With Ergonomic Design Is Comfortable To Hold. Easy To Store And Carry, Travels And Stores Easily With Its Own Vinyl Carrying Case.
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For classical guitaristists, or those who play fingerstyle using short nails, the Oasis Nail Shaper for guitarists is an absolute must-have. Four different shaping surfaces, from coarse sanded to ultra smooth (340, 600, 1200, and 3000 grits) rest on large foam pads, allowing for you to fine-tune your nails the way you like. The ease of use makes this an ideal product for both beginning and advanced guitarists. It also works well with long nails.

I have played many shows where I had to play with a toe tapping device. These are very difficult to play without using a nail shaper. This device became a crutch for me, in that it was very uncomfortable to play for a number of shows because of the difficulty of gripping the fretboard with one long nail. This issue was solved for me with the Oasis Nail Shaper. Now, I am able to shift my fretboard for easier playing with a little less effort.

Long time guitar players, especially those who strum the guitar very often, find it difficult to keep their fingernails and toenails clean. Guitar pick guards made of leather are great for these players. These protect your fingers while you are playing and allow you to maintain good hygiene between guitar shows. This is a particularly useful tool for acoustic and stringed guitar players, as dirt can get inside the strings and damage the pickguard.

Another handy function of the Nail Shaper is the ability to shape the nails of your finger. This makes it easier for you to create different shaped notes, as well as help you avoid injury when you are playing. For example, if you are playing a chord and have your finger shaped too much, you can take the Nail Shaper and “shave” the edge of your finger so that you have a nice smooth edge when you are playing the chord. This makes the guitar playing experience a lot more pleasant.

Nail pain is always something to be wary of, and guitar playing is no exception. Playing without proper equipment is extremely dangerous, and can cause serious injury. This is especially true if you are a beginning guitar player. The Nail Shaper is an incredibly versatile tool, and can help you avoid injury in your early days playing guitar. You will notice that when you shape your own nails with the Nail Shaper, it doesn’t feel right, but once you have used this amazing tool a few times, you will realize that this is the best way to achieve the kind of comfortable playing you need.

Guitar players often have trouble with their nails not being able to stay in a straight line when they are playing fast. This problem is caused by the nails being cut too short. To solve this problem, simply use the Nail Shaper to shape them properly. The Nail Shaper will slowly shape the nails so that they remain in a nice even line, helping you produce brighter guitar playing sounds. This will also help you get used to the idea of guitar playing without your nails falling off during a song. It’s definitely a good thing to practice guitar everyday, even if you have to play with your nails in a silly shape all day!

This is a really useful product for guitarists that play at night. A lot of people experience problems like this while they are trying to tune up or play lead guitar. This can also be very common for beginners that have to start off playing the guitar cold, such as when you are learning guitar chords. The Nail Shaper can help prevent damage to your fingernails while you are practicing and can help your nails remain healthy.

There are many other reasons why you may want to use the Nail Shaper. You can use it to help straighten out your nails if they are crooked, to create a more unique design, or even shape them to make them look longer or shorter. It will help you get the best sound from your guitar or bass with a comfortable fit.