A potato chipper for making chips or French fries is extremely simple to use once you’ve tried it; you’ll feel spoiled by how simple it is.

The decision to peel the potatoes you use or don’t is entirely up to you. There are arguments both for and against.

If you do not peel them, give them a good wash in running water with a vegetable scrub brush and trim away any green or swollen spots or eyes.

The tiny potato above, which weighs 125 grams (4.5 oz), can be inserted into the cutlery just fine, which means it can be added without additional effort, then pressed through the cutting.

The entire process grinds to a slow halt with this larger potato that weighs 275 grams (9.5 oz) and won’t fit in the machine.

It’s best to cut it horizontally across the middle. A big chef’s knife does this process in microseconds. The knife’s blade can be cleaned using a moist cloth afterwards.

The secret to simple “chipping.”

Here’s the most important thing to know about this whole enterprise of chipping.

Now you have two halves of a big potato. Each half has a blunt and a (sort of) sharp end.

If you position the sharp edge in the direction of the grid of the cutting blade, Most of the time, it will become stuck and perform your work out there and then leaning against that machine to push it out — or dig it out in the same way it was when it first came in.

However, if you place it with the pointed end facing the cutting grid, Bob is your uncle. It’ll glide right through as easily as pie-chopping an egg.

  • CRISPIES IN SECONDS Cut any vegetable or fruit that is firm into chips quickly, securely and easily. Just add the vegetable and then slowly push the lever.
  • With two potato slicer blades, One is great for homemade chips that are chunky and delicious, while the other is ideal for making French fries without adding any ingredients.
  • Ideal for diets: transform vegetables into tasty, nutritious crudites. They are ideal for portion control and also makes food enjoyable for those who are picky eaters.
  • ROBUST: The chipmaker is made from stainless steel and plastic equipped with an easy lever as well as a suction base for secure non-slip use
  • Important Information: This kitchen gadget that saves time will be easily stored away and is simple to clean. Kitchen Craft’s 12-month warranty covers it