Sqribble eBook Software Review

Sqribble eBook Software review: The good. Simple to use. Glitch-free.

Can you imagine what it would be like to not have to worry about endless rehashing the entire process from start to finish? What if the whole process could be automated and Sqribble did all the hard work for you? Could you imagine the freedom it would give to you as a marketer? You’d be able to spend more time marketing and building your list. As you know, creating and nurturing a list is extremely difficult and Sqribble’s automated functionality takes care of most of the work for you.

When I first looked at Sqribble, I was confused by the terminology and the interface. It seemed a bit too complex for my taste but after using the software for several weeks, I started to see how useful it really is. I still have a few bugs to work out (especially since the auto-editing doesn’t seem to work forever) but overall the entire process has been very simple to follow.

In this review, I’m going to be taking a closer look at Sqribble — a brand new cloud-based tool that allows you to create eBooks, reports, whitepapers, or other digital books on the fly, quickly and easily. Continue reading the Sqribble eBook Software 2021 review.

We will discuss what this tool does, who it is for, what its cost, upsells, and other pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about whether it’s right to buy it.

What is Sqribble? – Sqribble eBook Software 2021 Review

Sqribble, a cloud-based eBook creator tool, is available. You can create professional-looking eBooks with just a few clicks using the templates provided by the tool. This will save you time and money.

Sqribble is different from other eBook creators. It has many really useful features that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

These are a few of the features that truly blew my mind:

Sqribble can fill your book with expert content automatically — no need to write anything! Based on the URL provided, this is content found around the internet. This allows you to pull content from any URL and paste it or extract it from a Word document. Total game changer.

This is a huge time-saver and a big plus for anyone who doesn’t like writing or doesn’t have the time.

Beautiful eCovers: While a lot of eBook tools may save you time, they make terrible eCovers that will ruin your books. This is where Sqribble shines. These covers are truly impressive. These covers would look great on Amazon or Kindle and instantly make you feel like a professional with authority and trust.

Flipbooks: This is my favorite feature of Sqribble. Flipbooks can be made from flat books. Your digital book will look and feel more like a book. It can be turned into an interactive flipbook. Sqribble eBook Software 2021 Review

This is why it matters. Sqribble eBook Software 2021 Review

It’s all about being noticed and getting attention. It’s also a way to engage your readers better. They will enjoy flipping through your book and be more inclined to take value from it. Flipbooks are easy to embed on your website using a piece of code provided by Sqribble. It’s awesome!

What can Sqribble be used for?

Sqribble is a versatile tool with many more features that I found helpful. Here are some other features that Sqribble offers:

Automatic table and contents

Automatic headers and feet

Automatic pagination

Drag and Drop Design

Pages can be added or deleted

Add your media

Google Fonts 300+

— 50 eBook templates (covering 15 different niches)

There are ten eBook themes to choose from (just one click will change the color scheme of your book).

• Import content from URL

— Manually add content

That’s all I saw in the dashboard!

This tool has tons of great features, making it one of the best eBook creators that I have ever seen. However, there is one small problem that I will address below.

It is for whom?

Sqribble is best suited to freelancers, independent Internet marketers, small marketing agencies, and small business owners who wish to create lead magnets, publish Kindle books, create ebooks, sell them, and publish whitepapers.

You’ll also find a license for a commercial agency to use Sqribble to provide eBook creation services to clients. This will allow you to create unlimited eBooks that you can sell and keep all profits.

You also get a pre-built agency website that includes a portfolio. This can be uploaded to any domain to instantly increase authority and allow you to show it to potential clients to get work. This website is professional and would be worth at least $600.

It also includes a “Client Feedback Tool” that allows clients to collaborate on eBook projects easily. This feature is a great addition.

How much does it cost?

The normal price is $197. However, the launch price is $47.

Are there any upsells?

There are currently four upsells. Although you don’t need them all to use Sqribble, they may be useful depending on your specific situation.

You can unlock 150 more professional eBook templates, graphics, and more content for any niche. Just so you are aware, single templates purchased from stock websites can run up to $450 – for one template! This is a great choice for people who want more content, users, and variety.

Sqribble Prim. Sqribble eBook Software 2021 Review

Every month, get 15 “limited edition” eBook templates added to the Sqribble dashboard. This will allow you to grow your library and stand out among other users. This template costs less than 2 dollars! It is much cheaper than stock websites. Great for moderate users.

1. You can unlock a 3D cover creator tool within your dashboard. This allows you to transform “flat” covers into 3D covers. This is a great way to get more attention for your books and make them look more real.

2. Flipbooks are interactive, animated pages that transform your eBooks like real life. These can be linked from any internet location and embedded on pages using a single line of code. This is awesome.

Auto Job Finder is a must-have if you plan to use Sqribble to create eBooks to earn a living. It will find similar jobs on various freelance sites and notify you to let you know to fulfill them. It is a time-saver and a money-maker.

The bad

The good

• Easy to use


  • Unlimited Use (one-time Payment)
  • The amazing
  • There are tons of gorgeous templates
  • Layouts for professional pages
  • Automated content (saves time).
  • Flipbook creator available through third upsell

If you want to create an ebook right from scratch, Sqribble allows you to do so in three easy steps. First, you choose a template. Then find and select a writer to write your ebook. Finally, upload your Word document. Once you complete each step, an automatic PDF conversion is performed so your book will be readable and searchable by search engines.

The templates that come packed with Sqribble are very nice. Each one is a different color and a different theme that you can change the design options to fit your content. You can also download various fonts to use in your ebook. Most font options are neatly laid out for you to select the ones that are best suited for your content. There are also several Google fonts to choose from which are neat and tidy.

One of the things that impresses me the most about Sqribble is its attention to detail and attention to quality. The ebook creator automatically updates its library so you never have to worry about changes. And it’s very easy to navigate and use. There are dozens of templates available in the marketplace, so if you need to create something unique, you have the freedom to do so. The authoring tool also makes uploading a breeze.

Another thing I liked was that Sqribble gives you the ability to create your own ebook in less than five minutes using their free templates. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and then publish it using the convenient publishing wizard. Best of all, each template comes fully optimized with your keyword phrases. In the video, Richard Legg explains how to set up Sqribble’s blog so it will automatically add links back to your website. This is a big plus when it comes to article collection and submitting your content.

Overall, Sqribble offers high-quality products at a low price. It allows you to create your own book pages within a few minutes with its easy-to-use templates, and the blog comes with rich descriptions for each page. The marketers at Sqribble also have put together a powerful set of tools for content marketers. This eBook software review has discussed only some of the many benefits you gain from using cloud-based ebook creation software. You should definitely take a look at the rest of the site for a comprehensive list of Sqribble features and benefits.

One of the things that really impressed me about Sqribble was how it offered easy access to a high number of keywords. You can organize your blog and keywords in the sidebar and use it as your own toolbox for keyword research. Sqribble also includes a handy “search” box to help you discover new ways to get the most traffic for your website. In this Sqribble eBook Software Review, I promised to go over the cool features found in this web application.

The Sqribble EBook creation tool provides a lot of other neat features for website creation and SEO. If you really want to know what an amazing ebook tool is, you really have to take a look at Sqribble’s dashboard. This dashboard offers search suggestions, email notifications, RSS feeds, social media sharing, and a lot more. The best thing about this web application is that it integrates with WordPress, Joomla, phpBB bulletin board, Blogger, and a lot more. As you may not know, all of these websites offer great hosting and great content management tools.

As you can see from this Sqribble eBook Software Review, there are a lot of great things that Sqribble has to offer. When you create ebooks, you can get them for free. When you promote your own products or sell someone else’s products, you can make Sqribble a complete package. A lot of people are making money online with the Sqribble eBook software and this web application is very popular. If you really want to create ebooks in a fast and easy way, using the Sqribble eBook creator software is definitely the way to go.