Tales from the Yawning Portal PDF It is a guide for new players. The DnD community rates it as easy to use for tasks and adventures.

It offers many exciting adventures for you and your team. This adventure is a must-see, especially when you add The Sunless Citadel to the mix.

Tales from The Yawning Portal features beautiful, eye-catching maps. To get the best look, you will need to print this PDF in color.

Told through enchanted portals, D&D Tales from the Yawning Portal provides a refreshing take on many classic fantasy role playing concepts. For fans of the game who enjoy a slow and methodical pace where exploration and puzzle solving are the main focal points of gameplay, Tales from the Yawning Portal delivers. This third installment in the D&D game series features characters from the classic Neverwinter Nights era, like Harkonnies and the Frost Giant Edifice. It also includes three new adventures that were not featured in previous editions.

DD Tales from the Yawning Portal

Harkonnies has three sunless citadels on the northern coast of Icewind Dale. These dark castles are the headquarters of the evil Sunless Legion, whose insidious plans to bring both the elves of Icewind and PCs to their doom. As if those entities weren’t bad enough, the creatures have recently been plaguing Baldur’s Gate, a town along the coast. Players who explore Baldur’s Gate and the other sundry towns along the coast will find that these creatures have turned the entirety of Baldur’s Gate into a dark, dangerous place to be. Players of all levels should therefore prepare their party’s souls before entering these terrifying towns.

The Yawning Portal allows players to jump right into the thick of things in these classic D&D adventures. There are multiple paths through the city of Baldur’s Gate, and the various scenes include several iconic locations from the original D&D game. These adventures also contain iconic pieces of equipment, like the Sunless Bag and the Sunless Shield. The adventuring parties in these stories will also benefit from the inclusion of brand-new treasures. When they discover artifacts like the Sunless Bag or the Sunless Shield, players will be able to use them throughout their journeys as they gain more skills and levels.

Baldur’s Gate starts off with The Temple of Elemental Evil, which serves as the game’s tutorial. This fascinating temple is filled with treasure that can help any character start on a path to power-leveling, including an adorable miniature of elemental beings. Inside the temple are two distinct areas, and players must use the Sunless Bag to carry around the various treasures inside and take them with them as they progress through the different floors of the temple. At the first level, The Sunless Citadel, players fight their way through hordes of mindless Orcs and behold the Sunless Citadel itself. There, they fight and kill Umber the Unfortunate, a lich who has command of the city’s powers.

Once the Sunless Citadel is cleared, adventurers move into The Undermountain. This locale is populated with vicious crypt dwellers and powerful creatures, and players will need every bit of their strength to survive the many attacks and traps that await them. To succeed in The Undermountain, players will have to discover the source of a deadly water flood that washed down the mountains many years ago. Away from the city, in the frigid northern regions, lives the last surviving tribe of Worgen, the Ice Wolves. Hiding behind thick ice, the Ice Wolves is your only hope as you trek across The Undermountain and fight your way toward the Sunless Citadel.

At level 11, players begin to fight their way through the Undermountain once more, encountering more gargantuan creatures and more epic items along the way. The true path of The Yawning Portal lies in the final area known as The Citadel. Players can choose to align themselves with the Sunless faction or the Ironclad. In the former, players fight their way through hordes of undead while battling the occasional boss creature. As you make progress through the game, you’ll uncover more about The Sunless faction and the former leaders of The Ironclad. Completing the Sunless campaign will earn you the final item – The Sunless Mace, which can be used against the undead or players in PvP.

Players can continue the D&D Tales from the Yawning Portal, in order to gain access to the third chapter, which takes place in the wastes of Icewrack. Once again, adventurers must learn the truth about The Undermountain and find help from the Sunless faction. The Sunless Mace is here as well, and players can use it against the Sunless horde. All players within a ten-mile range of the Yawning Portal will be able to see it. In addition to all the quests and adventures revolving around the game, D&D Tomes from the Yawning Portal also features new options for DMs and players to add the optional Thieves’ Guild role to their party.

For fans of old school pen and paper RPGs, The Yawning Portal brings back the old favorites. I especially love the dice mechanics that the game uses. Everything is done using dice, and the result is entirely dependent on those dice. Add in the easy to use interface, the great graphics, the great story, and adventure with a little twist, and The Yawning Portal is well worth a look.